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Monday, August 07, 2006

30 years later: Transhuman and learning

I blogged [in Random Walk in Learning] about a post by Christopher D. Sessums who asked "What will learning and schooling look like 30 years from now?" This blog does not try to look that far into the future. However, Christopher's call can actually be acted out today as it is very much about the attitude, rather than technology.

Sunday, Brian Wang posted Transhuman: Iron man versus Borg versus Xmen where he looked at what capabilities that make sense to put into the body and what to leave as wearable tools.

The capabilities that Brian refered to are those we may found in Star Treks Borg, the 6 million dollar man, X-men or comic book character Iron Man. Looking at the list, it seems that many of these capabilities are within reach in near future.

The one last thing on Brian's list is uploading/mind transfer:
There are questions as to how well this would work in terms of consciousness. Eventually this architecture could diverge from the cyborg, genetic enhancement capabilities. The communication between biology and the computer and whether upgrading hybrid biology would be slower than pure computer equipment would be factors in whether architectures diverge in performance.

It seems that there is no magic pill to transfer knowledge/understanding between minds yet in the near future.

What learning is like in 2020 is still unknown!


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