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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Elearning Scenarios (in 2014)

The Edinburgh Scenario is a MUST watch presentation if you are interested in what is the future of learning? Using a "scenario planning" methodology. After interviewing 16 international experts in the field, they come up with these possible themes. {All images captured from the presentation slides]

By grouping the themes into two groups, those related to technology and society

and those related to balance of power

they come up with four possible scenarios:

These are all possible outcome. The future depends very much on the path we are going to take today and in the immediate future. There are a list of the questions they asked:

A number of themes they have investigated at the beginning were not taken into account in developing these 4 scenarios. [My highlight]

Will that lead to additional scenarios? Out of the left out 4 themes, I have great concern about the "resolution of IP disputes", or the current tension between the copyright owners and open/free information movement. This will play an important role in determining the future of our civilisation.

The other three left out themes, I believe, are more related to our philosophical view of "what is learning" and what will be the most influential views of learning that will appear in the next few years.

I will be keeping a watching eye on these topics.


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